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Why We Named Ourselves “Citizen”

Earlier this year, our agency changed. We transformed from a design firm that worked with anyone and everyone into a hyper-focused, full-service marketing agency that caters to mission-oriented organizations.

This shift included a name change. As we brainstormed ideas, the word “citizen” became an early contender. We immediately loved how it sounded—big, important, historic. The ancient Greekness of the word was attractive. But more than the word’s aesthetics, its meaning hooked us:

  • Citizens are engaged
  • Citizens care
  • Citizens collaborate and compromise for the greater good
  • Citizens look out for each other
  • Citizens have goals bigger than mere cash

As the list of associations grew, we felt more at home with the word. Now, it’s a badge of honor that we eagerly extend to all of our clients, partners, and friends. It may seem like corporate sweetspeak to some, but our faith in the meaning of our name is complete. We’re all, truly and sincerely, mighty citizens.

Tomorrow is Election Day. (Find your local polling place here.) Tomorrow also marks exactly nine months since we re-launched as “Mighty Citizen.” We can’t help but reflect on what that word—Citizen—means to us now.

First, we believe (more than ever) in the power of being mission-oriented. Money is important, of course—but mission and money aren’t mutually exclusive goals. Our clients—most of whom exist to serve the public in one way or another—have taught us that by doggedly pursuing a better world, you’ll naturally attract support from like-minded citizens. Your mission will grow, as will your bottom line. Each feeds the other, and the result is a deeper, more sustainable impact on the future.

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Second, we believe in voting. Mighty Citizen is a company—which really just means that we’re a team of 20+ professional human beings, each with our unique beliefs, visions for the future, opinions, and plans. We’re exactly like you. We believe we have an obligation—as both citizens and Citizens—to lend our voice to our shared future. It’s a civic duty, literally.

Third, we believe that good marketing makes a capital-d Difference. As an agency that specializes in mission marketing, we witness every day how the concrete promise of “a better tomorrow” is sold. It’s inspiring, and it’s complex, and it’s disheartening on some days, and it’s messy, and it’s fulfilling. We know that top-notch design, content, and digital development can measurably deepen the effect that our clients have on their constituents. Because being mission-oriented alone isn’t enough; you also have to form a tribe of followers, donors, students, members, and advocates.

You need to gather more citizens. That’s what we know how to do. And we’re honored to do it.

Please vote tomorrow—November 6, 2018. And please continue to insist on shaping our futures. We’ll do the same.

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