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Dec 07, 2022 BY A Mighty Citizen Marketing, Mighty News

The Mighty GPS: 2022 Insights & Benchmarking

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In February 2022, we launched The Mighty GPS™—our very own self-assessment for measuring your organization’s marketing maturity. In less than 10 minutes, our assessment provides a snapshot of how effective your marketing is across six key categories. Then, you’ll immediately receive a customized report with the next steps to take to increase your marketing maturity.

Over this year, we’ve loved watching you, our friends, and clients make this tool your own. Hundreds of mission-driven organizations have used our assessment to spark conversations, prioritize opportunities, leverage resources, and build a more comprehensive annual marketing plan.

Because of your interest in this tool, we’re excited to have compiled the first of our data and high-level findings. You might use this data to set some expectations for your own results from The Mighty GPS and the next steps, goals, and metrics you set following them.

Before you look at the numbers, here is a reminder of the stages of marketing maturity and their scoring parameters:

  • Crawling: 0-39
  • Walking: 40-59
  • Running: 60-80
  • Soaring: 81-100

The Numbers

Overall Average Marketing Maturity Scores

  • Nonprofit: 55.83

  • Association: 58.75

  • Education: 56.63

  • Government: 52.06

  • Total average: 56.40

Overall Average Scores by Category

  • Research & Analytics: 35.44

  • Branding & Strategy: 63.43

  • Marketing & SEO: 55.40

  • UX Design & Content: 57.91

  • Technology: 57.89

  • Team Dynamics: 68.15

High-Level Findings

  • The majority of total scores are between 35-79. Most organizations are in the Walking and Running stages of marketing maturity.

  • Marketing budgets of over $50K see increased marketing effectiveness. Per category, organizations with over $50k allotted for their marketing efforts saw a positive difference of 6-12% per category. The most significant gaps are in Research and Analytics (12.5%) and Marketing and SEO (9.7%).

  • Research & Analytics is by far the lowest-scoring category across all industries and all budgets. Overall, organizations averaged in the Crawling stage for Research & Analytics with an overall score of 35.44. For context, the next lowest average is 55.40 (Marketing & SEO).

  • Team Dynamics ranks highest at an overall score of 68.15, followed by Branding & Strategy at 63.43.

  • Organizations that spend between $50K and $100K per year on their marketing tend to have the highest overall scores. These organizations have enough to be resourceful, but they must also be efficient with their resources. That doesn’t mean organizations that spend over $100K aren’t effective. At that level of spending, there are likely some efficiencies available. Organizations spending over $100K per year need to be especially mindful of what is and isn’t working for them!

Want to Learn More About Marketing Maturity?

There’s so much to know! We’ve got a full suite of resources to help you better understand what marketing maturity is and how it can serve your organization:

Keep an eye out for more insights, data, and benchmarking from The Mighty GPS in 2023!


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