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Jan 15, 2018 BY Nick Weynand Mighty News

Our Statement on Net Neutrality

We won’t bore you with a treatise on the FCC’s rollback of Net Neutrality. There are plenty of great reports on the details.

Instead, here are 45 seconds of our thoughts:

The relative ease of the average American’s work-a-day lifestyle is thanks to the Internet and its related technologies.

For better or worse (mostly better), access to the Internet has become a public utility—like electricity, gas, or water. And that’s because the Internet, despite its popular reputation, is far more than Facebook, email, Netflix, and YouTube.

The food on our plates. Our ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere on the planet, in the blink of an eye. The way we stay connected to our faraway loved ones. The surest way to say “hello” to the world. That’s what the Internet—and everything it inspires—gives us.

Ending net neutrality, on the other hand, will make access to the web more difficult, more expensive, and prone to censorship.

We believe the Internet can be a liberating force in our lives—a time-saver, a time-filler, a channel to better express ourselves, and an instantaneous way to support and serve each other.

We must fight for the possibility of the Internet—not its crass, commercial potential, but its ability to unite. We must stand up, frankly, for the magic of the web.

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How We’ll Fight for Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality (as of this writing) isn’t officially dead. Congress can still overturn the FCC’s disastrous ruling by passing a “Resolution of Disapproval,” which has already been introduced and is gaining new support every day.

Let your voice be heard by your Congressmen. Tell them that you, as their constituent, want the Internet to remain a fair, accessible, and protected public resource.

Even if the FCC’s decision gets enacted, the fight will continue. And we’ll be right here, lending our voice.

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