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Our Best Resources for Your Organization’s Technology

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The technology you use to manage your content, integrate your operations, and create experiences/websites for your audiences is just as important as your organization’s next hire.

There are so many options available for technology to employ at your organization. That array itself may leave you asking some questions: What’s the best Content Management System (CMS) for my industry? What emerging technology should we keep an eye on? What exactly does web accessibility mean during web design? It can be overwhelming to evaluate all of these questions on top of your everyday activities.

The Mighty Citizen team has over 20 years of experience integrating new technologies for mission-driven organizations. We’ve carefully crafted resources to help you consider your needs before you make those costly tech decisions. Here are our top technology resources for mission-driven organizations:

How to Choose the Right CMS for Your Organization

Managing a website is much more work than simply creating and publishing it. Dynamic websites could have thousands of pages, images, and pieces of content that you need to keep in order and easily accessible. Your organization needs a Content Management System (CMS).

More often than not, marketers in mission-driven organizations are working against their CMS, and see it as a pain in the you-know-what. However, with the right CMS, managing and building content on your website can be easy like Sunday morning. In this article, our experts break down how to choose the right CMS for your organization.

The Benefits of a Headless Content Management System

What exactly is a headless Content Management System? At a basic level, a traditional CMS allows for storing content, creating templates, and building a web page. A headless CMS offloads templating onto a separate framework outside of the CMS through an API. It sounds like a lot, we know.

Read thoughts from our Lead Front End Developer, Kristine Fernandez, about why a headless CMS may be exactly what your organization needs.

What We Learned While Implementing a Marketing Automation Platform

In early 2021, Mighty Citizen set out to implement a new CRM and Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). It was a hefty endeavor, to say the least, and we learned a ton. If you’re in the market for a MAP or will be in the future, we have some tips and recommendations to help ensure your implementation process runs as smoothly as possible. Hear from Mighty Citizen CMO Rachel Clemens and Content & Digital Marketing Manager Jarrett Way on why we decided to implement a MAP, how we vetted and decided on a partner, and our biggest challenges along the way.

The Future of Marketing: Wearables, Virtual Reality, and Voice Technologies

It isn’t enough to stay up to date with current marketing technologies—you need to look to the future and prepare for the next cutting-edge innovation. Within 20 years of the turn of the century, we can search, communicate, collaborate, buy, sell, and even pay with just the tap of a screen. The way the world operates has changed on a fundamental level, and marketing has changed right along with it.

What does the intersection of marketing and technology look like over the next decade? Our team has some thoughts:

The 4 Key Principles of Web Accessibility

Ensuring that your websites, apps, and other digital content is accessible to every user, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, is paramount. Accessibility should not be an afterthought when it comes to your website and should be considered just as carefully—if not more carefully—as other website decisions. But where do you start on your journey to web accessibility excellence?

Take a look at our article and how-to-guide below for insights and explanations on the what, why, and how of web accessibility.

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