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Our Best Resources for UX Design & Content

The main purpose of great UX (user experience design) is to provide a meaningful and valuable experience to your users. Who wouldn’t want that? If your website’s UX isn’t optimized and complete with messaging that ties back to your organization’s goals, you run the risk of creating confusion and frustration for your users. That disconnect can ultimately have a negative impact on your organizational goals such as decreased membership, donations, volunteers, enrollment, etc.

Ensuring a satisfying user experience involves effective user research, website technology, structure, and content that caters to your audience’s needs. That can be a big lift.

Not sure where to start? Here are our top resources for UX design & content to help you get there:

Website Evaluation Kit

Your website’s job—its only job, really—is to blend the organization’s goals with the needs, wants, and tasks of your users. But how do you ensure that your website is performing well with your audiences? Ask yourself these questions: What is your page load time? Are you populating the right content? Can users easily accomplish tasks on every page? That’s the value of our Website Evaluation Kit.

After 20 years of aiding mission-driven organizations with their websites, we’ve identified six dynamics that define your website’s overall effectiveness—and you can evaluate how successfully your organization is reaching each one. Get started:

Editorial Content Calendar Template

How do you ensure that your organization can produce a steady stream of useful, valuable, and on-time content for your audience? You need to have a plan of action—and a place for that plan to live. Enter our Editorial Content Calendar Template.

We crafted a simple editorial calendar template for planning, executing, and tracking every piece of content your organization plans to and has developed. This week-by-week calendar includes space for all of your multi-channel content such as website updates, email sends, social posts, paid media, and conferences. Trust us when we say that this is a game-changer—it’s the same content calendar we use here at Mighty Citizen.

As a bonus, reference our article on getting the most out of our Editorial Content Calendar Template.

Web Accessibility: What It Is, Why You Need It, How to Get It

According to the U.S Census, 61 million Americans have some form of disability, meaning that accessibility cannot be an afterthought when constructing your website. The design of your website needs to meet the needs of all of your users the second they land on your front page.

Our accessibility expert and VP of Technology, Stephen Tidmore, has put together this simple how-to guide explaining the ins and outs of web accessibility and how to ensure your organization takes steps to include every user in your website design process.

Website Content Audit Template

Content is the cornerstone of your organization’s efforts. Often, organizations don’t even know how much content they have on their website and have no way to track it all. The first step to effectively managing your content is through a website content audit. It’s a good thing we have a template just for that—right?

After downloading this spreadsheet template and completing an inventory evaluation of your website, you’ll have everything organized and tracked—clearing the way for you to improve your organization’s content.

Webinar: How to Write Effective Web Copy

How does your organization differentiate itself from the ever-increasing competition on the internet? What is your content providing that your competitors aren’t? Good news—most of the internet’s content is not written effectively, and it’s easy to shine a light on your organization.

Take a look at our On-Demand Webinar, “How to Write Effective Web Copy,” to learn how to write effectively, understand your audience, and please the ever-changing algorithms of the internet’s platforms. Words can spark emotion, spur action, and inspire your audience. Give the people what they want!

Mighty Citizen Can Help

Are you curious about starting a UX design or content project and want to learn more? Give us a shout! We’d love to hear more and aid your organization.

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