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Jun 09, 2022 BY Jarrett Way Marketing

Our Best Resources for Growing Marketing Teams

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The marketing team at Mighty Citizen understands precisely how critical it is to have a creative, effective, and on-point marketing team that hits the mark with all of its initiatives. When you have to understand and execute processes like content strategy, copywriting, audience research, public speaking, and advertising, it’s critical to have a group of professionals who have the expertise and support to see those projects to fruition.

Ensuring that your marketing efforts are adequately supported, align with your organization’s values and goals, and are completed with the desired results is paramount to the success of your team (and org). But, there may be things that go under the radar like hiring, talent retention, and understanding the fundamentals of why you need a marketing team.

We here at Mighty Citizen have compiled a list of top resources that we hope your marketing team will find insightful and helpful for your organization’s efforts. Take a look below:

Who Should Be On Your Content Squad?

Investing in large amounts of quality content is one of, if not the most important, ways that your organization can reach its lofty and aspirational goals. Becoming a thought leader or resource for your audience to rely on takes consistent, valuable, and relevant content. What’s the best way to get to content excellence? By hiring a team of highly specialized professionals to produce and maintain that content. Read how to create your winning content squad for your marketing efforts and reach your organization’s goals.

What Makes a Savvy Marketing Team?

When it comes to having an efficient, creative, and savvy marketing team, it’s essential to understand all of the functions your marketing department needs to have filled and hire those roles with the right people. It is not a one-person job. Your team needs to grow along with the growth of your organization—but that brings up this question. How do you develop a “savvy marketing team?” The Mighty Citizen team has the insights and the answers in this detailed article.

Want to Improve Your Creativity and Retain Your Talent?

So you’ve hired an incredible marketing team that is hitting all of the company goals, benchmarks, and creative aspirations. Now it’s time to wonder, how will your organization retain this top-tier talent? Building space within your organization to explore new ideas, embark on new territory, and engage with your current employees. Take a look at how the Mighty Citizen team developed an initiative to better hire and retain our talent.

How to Make a Good Presentation Great (Part One): Organizing Your Ideas

Your marketing team has put together incredible insights and takeaways from your efforts—now it’s time to communicate them to your audience. It’s not enough to present the information; you need to ensure that your audience is engaged, understands what you’re trying to say, and entices them from the second you start speaking. Take a look at part one of our three-part series on speaking at conferences, developed by our Associate Creative Director Andrew Buck.

Selling the Value of Marketing to Your Leadership

What’s the best way to make a case for your marketing and communications efforts to your leadership? You need to have a plan for how you’ll communicate your needs, how they relate to larger organizational goals and a way to speak on their terms. Take a look at our Associate Creative Director, Andrew Buck, and our Content & Digital Marketing Manager, Jarrett Way, as they discuss the best practices to sell the value of your marketing.

Mighty Citizen Can Help

Mighty Citizen has the chops and expertise when it comes to being an effective, creative, and results-oriented marketing team. We’d love to be a partner for your organization. Give us a shout! We’d love to hear more and be a resource to your team.

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