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Jan 04, 2017 BY A Mighty Citizen Agency Life, Mighty News

New Year, New Team

This post was written when Mighty Citizen was still TradeMark Media.

We’re thrilled to announce that TradeMark Media has merged with Creative Suitcase—one of Austin’s best-known, well-respected, and most creative design firms. The two companies are now one.

About Creative Suitcase

For more than a decade, Creative Suitcase has been an Austin design institution—helping countless organizations craft their brand, tell their story, and boost their profile. Creative Suitcase was responsible for some of Austin’s most iconic visuals, including the famed “You’re My Butter Half” mural:

With a team of highly experienced and savvy strategists and designers, Creative Suitcase offered a wide range of services to their clients—including organizational consulting, marketing strategy, design, and marketing collateral.

They delighted clients. They won awards. And now, they’re officially a part of the TradeMark Media family.

About the Merger

This merger made sense.

For years, TradeMark Media and Creative Suitcase have partnered on major projects. Creative Suitcase lent their design and branding expertise, while TradeMark Media delivered digital strategy, Web design, development, SEO, content, and user research. The results were undeniable.

So Nick Weynand (our president) began talking with Rachel Clemens (President of Creative Suitcase) about formalizing our partnership—and merging Creative Suitcase with our growing team.

The two company’s services dovetailed with one another nicely: Creative Suitcase was unmatched at helping organizations—especially mission-driven organizations—craft and share their story with their constituents. They designed beautiful creative collateral and regularly invented new ways to promote their clients’ work.

Meanwhile, TradeMark Media—as the fastest-growing Web agency in Texas—has long provided digital strategy, design, and development services.

Read the Austin Business Journal article on the merger.

What’s Changing

This is a classic case of “addition by addition.” By integrating Creative Suitcase’s team onto the TradeMark staff, we’ve expanded our services, staff, and vision. Here’s what’s changing:

  • TradeMark Media’s staff is now three people larger—including the arrival of Rachel Clemens, the former President of Creative Suitcase and new CMO for TradeMark Media.
  • We are offering a new line of services. Drawing on Creative Suitcase’s expertise, we now provide clients with branding & identity, campaign strategy, and print marketing collateral.
  • With Rachel as CMO, we’re poised to more boldly spread our mission across Austin, Texas, and the country.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of exciting changes in the works. The addition of Creative Suitcase empowers us to more fully serve our clients—helping them develop their organizational identity and brand, followed by a full digital roll-out, and supported with marketing and print deliverables.

There’s more news to come in the next few months. Stay tuned. And be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to hear it first.

But for now, we’re simply thrilled to welcome Creative Suitcase onto #teamtrademark.


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