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Oct 03, 2017 BY A Mighty Citizen Agency Life

How We Strengthen Our Community (With a Little Help From Our Friends)

Sometimes, things just come together perfectly. Here’s an example:


Mighty Citizen believes in strengthening our neighborhood, city, and industry. At work, we engage hundreds of organizations that are making a positive difference in the world—who have a point of view, who are on a mission. And the Mighty Citizen team takes time to volunteer. “Giving back” is woven into our corporate identity—and it has been since our founding in 1999.


AQUILA Commercial—an Austin-based real estate company whose website we recently designed—shares our interest in being a good corporate citizen. As a large, established institution in the booming Austin market, AQUILA is keenly aware of its influence. They’ve chosen to wield their influence for good—both inside and outside their office doors.


A couple of months ago, AQUILA gave us a call. Could we “pink out” their website for the month of October—aka, Breast Cancer Awareness Month? With staff and family members who have fought or are fighting breast cancer, AQUILA recognized an opportunity: Publicly stand with their team members who are dealing with this disease.

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Turns out…

The fight against breast cancer is also an issue about which the Mighty Citizen team cares deeply. It’s touched all of us in one way or another.

The serendipity was too much to ignore: When AQUILA asked us about pinking their website, we were planning for the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride—an organization that raises awareness of breast cancer and raises funds for local cancer-fighting organizations. Texas Mamma Jamma believes nobody should ever have to fight cancer alone. We couldn’t agree more—so we help them with web design, leading training rides, and fundraising.

Then, in late September, we rode:

So we got to work…

… and helped AQUILA turn their entire website pink.

How can your company get involved?

People are eager to make a difference. There are countless ways that companies can tap into that energy:

  • Ask your employees what they care about and use that interest when reaching out to nonprofits in your area, joining their boards, and participating in their events.
  • Consider turning your team-building activities into volunteer efforts. Few things bring people together closer than working together for a good purpose.
  • Bring staff from local nonprofits and charitable organizations to your brown-bag lunches so you can learn more and stay engaged.
  • Reach out to the partners you already have to multiply your impact.

AQUILA Commercial and Mighty Citizen are united in support of our community, and we stand with people fighting breast cancer. We hope you join us in the fight and support other causes that are meaningful to your organization. You and your employees will be glad you did.


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