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Apr 05, 2018 BY Patrick Wicker, former Mighty Citizen Marketing

How We Gave the Texas Medical Association the Google Attention They Deserve

About 18 months ago, we helped design and launch a new website for the Texas Medical Association. 

They asked if we could help make their advocacy efforts—which are extensive—more visible online. And so we got to work. 

First, we performed some advanced keyword research to discover the ways people search for relevant advocacy terms. For example, searchers use the acronym “ACO” more than the longer version, “accountable care organizations.” And while more people search using the term “balance billing,” some also search for “out of network billing.”

With this research in hand, we were able to help guide the kinds of content TMA should be producing to reach searchers online. 

And thanks to our search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, TMA is now ranked in the top five (5!) Google search results for a wide variety of their most important terms, including those related to:

  • vaccinations
  • immunizations
  • ACO
  • medical licensing
  • malpractice
  • balance billing
  • telemedicine

These pages, in particular, were generating organic search traffic shortly after the optimization was put in place. But today, they’re capturing 241% more organic search every month

That’s what we in the marketing world call a “win.” Because now, TMA is a leading, national online authority on a host of important issues. 


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