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Getting Ready For the President’s Management Agenda

The President’s Management Agenda (PMA) is a set of initiatives and standards from the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) designed to improve the impact of government agencies on behalf of the American people. The PMA lays out a long-term vision for modernizing the federal government in key areas like:

  • Strategic Management of Human Capital
  • Competitive Sourcing
  • Improved Financial Performance and Financial Management
  • Expanded Electronic Government (or E-Government)
  • Budget and Performance Integration

    The Biden-Harris Administration has already identified immediate priorities and implemented executive orders that may affect your government agency website’s overall messaging and compliance.

    At the foundation of the PMA is a spirit of bipartisanship and accountability from the federal government that has been an effective change-maker over the years. It’s a document that defines operational metrics objectively and for everyone’s benefit, improving the way agencies and federal employees are able to serve the public and efficiently steward taxpayer dollars.

    For implementing the management agenda, the OMB uses Cross-Agency Priority Goals (or CAP Goals) to coordinate and publicly track implementation across Federal agencies.

    In the coming months, the PMA will be updated for the 20th time by the Biden administration. Significant changes in federal agency initiatives and standards are expected, and your website may require some changes. Staying brushed up on these guidelines will serve your agency well whether you work in the federal or a state government.

    The Biden administration recently presented their budget for approval, which includes priorities that could ultimately affect your agency. Some major initiatives expected to receive funding are:

    Build Back Better

    Build Back Better is President Biden’s three-part agenda to rescue, recover, and rebuild the country. It includes three plans:

    1. The American Rescue Plan has already passed, which aims to deliver direct relief to the American people, rescuing the economy, and getting ahead of the Coronavirus.

    2. The American Jobs Plan is in progress, and if passed, will be a historic investment in America. The plan will create millions of good jobs, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and position the United States to out-compete China.

    3. The American Families Plan is a once-in-a-generation investment that has already been introduced. It is intended to rebuild the middle class and invest in America’s future.


    The Biden Administration’s initiatives around equity are directed at leaders of federal agencies, but will trickle down to state government as well. The goal is to produce a sustainable plan for addressing any barriers to full and equal participation in federal programs.

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    President Biden’s executive order states that “the head of each agency shall evaluate opportunities, consistent with applicable law, to increase coordination, communication, and engagement with community-based organizations and civil rights organizations.” These efforts are designed to critically evaluate systems, policies, and programs that weren’t built with an equity-first mindset.

    Ideally, you should ask the following questions upfront, long before a program, initiative, service, or effort officially launches:

    • What potential barriers may underserved communities and individuals face to enroll in and access federal benefits and services?
    • Are new policies, regulations, or guidance documents necessary to advance equity in agency actions and programs?
    • For offices and divisions within your agency that are responsible for advancing civil rights or have mandates that specifically include serving underrepresented or disadvantaged communities, what is their operational status and what institutional resources are available to them?

    Technology Modernization Fund

    The White House has asked for $500 million to be added to the federal government’s Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) and $9.8 billion to go specifically toward civilian cybersecurity programs across the government—up from about $8.7 billion for fiscal 2021—according to its fiscal 2022 budget request.

    The TMF funding already includes an additional $1 billion dollars in 2021 and would increase by $500 million if passed. Government agencies can borrow from this fund to modernize their technology infrastructure, including websites, and achieve agency-wide goals of obtaining a high level of cybersecurity standards. This funding is an investment in security and access of government services to the American people.

    To help federal agencies of all sizes prepare for the President’s Management Agenda, Mighty Citizen’s experts have developed a white paper to help guide you through the impending changes and how to quickly transition your digital services and website to reflect the new direction. Download the white paper:

    Our guide outlines three main steps to consider in your preparation for the PMA:

    three steps to achieving website compliance image, Step 1: Audit and Review, Step 2: Create and Revise, Step 3: Publish and Track

    Ultimately, compliance is your responsibility. We’re expecting dramatic changes from the new administration, but there’s no reason to be overwhelmed. Our white paper is full of free tools and resources to aid you along each step to compliance. Download it today to stay on top of these coming changes:

    Additionally, we’ve created a 60-Day Agency Website Compliance Bootcamp Package to help champion you through these new standards and into a stage of compliance. Our package includes:

    • Content Audit and Matrix for your most trafficked pages
    • Customer Experience & Design Review
    • Broken Link Report
    • Digital Marketing Audit and Strategy
    • 508 Compliance Accessibility Report
    • Optional: Content Creation / Revision to reflect new administration goals
    • Google Analytics optimization and/or reporting

    For more information, visit or reach out to Rosemary Florez at 512-960-8057 or [email protected].

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