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Women’s Executive Forum 2024

Mighty Citizen is excited to head to Chicago for the Women’s Executive Forum! Nicole Araujo (Client Engagement Director) will be in attendance, so be sure to find her around the Forum, say hello, and connect on all things association. See ya there!

About Women’s Executive Forum 2024

Women’s Executive Forum 2024 will connect attendees to critical tools and knowledge that will help women collectively forge new pathways to leadership, belonging, and growth—both personally and professionally. The event will highlight how proximity to the levers that create opportunity will empower leaders to break through barriers and find their true potential.

The 2024 Women’s Executive Forum will be held March 15 at the Convene Willis Tower. Register Now to attend!

About Association Forum

Association Forum unites the large association industry of Chicago. They believe that a welcoming environment defined by integrity, open communication, teamwork, accountability, and innovation is the way to do it. And they have fun helping professionals and executives meet to exchange ideas. Association Forum provides its members with networking opportunities, education, and resources aimed at enhancing association management professionals from the personal level to the organizational level. They connect. They look to the future to solve the industry’s problems of today and tomorrow.


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