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University of Illinois Web Conference

We’re headed to Champaign, Illinois in April to speak at the 20th Annual Webcon hosted by the University of Illinois.

Our VP of Technology, Stephen Tidmore, will be presenting:

Don’t Ignore 100 Million People: How to Make Your Content Accessible

It’s too easy to create inaccessible content–i.e., online content that people with disabilities cannot access. At its worst, inaccessible content can get a company sued. (Just ask the 500+ organizations who were sued in 2017 for having websites that did not meet accessibility standards.) But the larger threat is in ignoring the approximately 100 million Americans who have some form of disability. Creating accessible content is easier than you think and it’s a smart business decision. But mostly, it’s the right thing to do.

In this fascinating dive into “accessible content design,” we’ll explore the principles and practices that produce accessible online experiences. Full of examples and fresh insights, this talk will help transform your inaccessible content once and for all.

And Patrick Wicker, our Digital Marketing Manager, will give insights on:

Pleasing Google, Boosting Applications: SEO Insights for Universities

If you’re like most universities, your website is costing you thousands of visitors every year. These lost opportunities are prospective students who might’ve found their way to enrollment‚ if your website wasn’t essentially hidden in search engine results.

But search engine optimization (SEO) is here to save the day! And lucky for you, most universities continue to make fundamental SEO mistakes that‚ with the help of this session‚ you can easily sidestep to seize the top spots on Google search results (and attract those students you would’ve otherwise missed altogether).

In this fascinating, practical session, Patrick Wicker (Google-certified SEO pro) will demonstrate precisely what your school should do to optimize itself for search engines like Google.

Don’t be afraid of SEO. You don’t need any specialized technical knowledge to soar up the search rankings. You just need to know the changes to make to your website content and architecture.


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