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TSAE New Ideas Conference 2021

We’re excited to be speaking at the TSAE New Ideas Conference 2021. Learn more about our panel discussion and register.

Our Founder and CEO, Nick Weynand, joins Steven Stout, CEO, TSAE, and Jodi Ann Ray, President and CEO, Texas Society of CPAs) for a panel discussion at 4:15 PM CT on Sunday, September 19th.

Leaders Walk the Talk: Creating and Living Your Association’s Values

Company values help define who you are and what’s important to your organization. They should stem from your personal values as a leader and be thoughtful and authentic. They should also be infused throughout your entire association to establish a company culture that leadership, staff, members, and even future members see and believe. But, building core values and creating a culture where leadership and staff truly live by these guiding principles is hard to do. In fact, it is extremely hard to do. It requires intention, dedication, and alignment from leadership and often requires changed behaviors and processes—something even more difficult to accomplish.

In this panel discussion, you’ll hear from leaders in the Texas association community about their processes and challenges when it comes to creating core values as well as their perspectives and ideas on living them out. This session is best suited for executive leadership interested in establishing, revamping, or living out their association’s values.

About TSAE
TSAE (Texas Society of Association Executives) is comprised of more than 1,100 association professionals who represent Texas-based associations and societies and as well as corporations and firms that provide services to associations. Their mission is to provide association professionals a community for collaboration, learning, and leadership growth. Learn more.


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