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Content Governance: How to Manage Your Digital Content for Success

Organizations have a content problem: There’s too much of it, owned by too many stakeholders, and nobody knows how to manage all of it at once.

But there’s a solution. A concrete, detailed content governance policy will ensure that every piece of content your organization puts online—website, email, social media, etc.—is part of a larger, clearly managed system. No more orphan webpages. No more outdated facts. No more internal confusion about who owns what.

Content governance defines how decisions about content and content strategy are made. This includes who, how, and when changes to your overall content strategy should be made, along with processes for initiating and communicating these changes to the right people.

Based on our experience helping organizations of all sizes create content governance policies and protocols, we’ll show you how you can do it too—and why, if you want to enjoy sustained success, governance is critical to your operations.

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the four key components of content management, both online and off
  • Form the right team of content governors
  • Develop a content governance strategy document
  • Hear how one major university’s content governance plan helped them become more efficient and strategic

    Can’t attend the live event? Register and we’ll share the webinar recording, even if you didn’t attend.

    CAE Credit: Mighty Citizen is a CAE Approved Provider. This webinar meets the requirements for fulfilling the professional development requirements to earn or maintain the Certified Association Executive credential. As a CAE Approved Provider, this program may be applied for 1 CAE credit toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.


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