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Pennsylvania Digital Government Summit

Mighty Citizen is excited to be heading to Harrisburg, PA for the PA Digital Government Summit, hosted by GovTech. Rosemary Florez, our Government Engagement Executive will be showcasing Mighty Citizen’s expertise in crafting branding, marketing, and digital solutions that empower citizens, streamline processes, and enable government agencies to cost-effectively achieve their missions and strategic goals.

About the conference

Government Technology (GovTech) promotes best practices and spurs innovation in the public sector–more important than ever in challenging times like these. Please join us for a powerful series of sessions that provide inspiration, participation, education, and thought provocation!

“We are excited to be back in person for the 2022 Pennsylvania Digital Government Summit! Opportunities to discuss inspired public service, business relationships, information security, privacy, service delivery, and other topics will be part of this year’s event. Plan on attending and connecting to share these and other stories. We look forward to seeing you.”

- John MacMillan, Deputy Secretary for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Office of Administration, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

About GovTech is the online portal to Government Technology, a division of e.Republic, Inc. Government Technology and its sister publications are an award-winning family of magazines covering information technology’s role in state and local governments. GovTech provides in-depth coverage of IT case studies, emerging technologies, and the implications of digital technology on the policies and management of public sector organizations.


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