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North American YMCA Development Organization

Based on our work with several YMCA organizations here in the U.S., we’ve been invited to speak at NAYDO, the North American YMCA Development Organization conference. Development teams from Ys across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will be in attendance.

Rachel Clemens, our Chief Marketing Officer, will be sharing insights on fundraising communications:

I Wish I’d Thought of That: “Best of” Fundraising Examples

Ready for eye candy campaigns that make you wish YOU’D thought of that?Buckle up, buttercup. We’re firing up the very best fundraising examples from budgets small and large. This session will inspire and delight you with eye-candy examples and concrete tactics you can implement in your next fundraising campaign. We’ll explore great content, unique thinking and delightful design across donor thank you’s, emails, websites, online advertising, donation pages, videos—and anything else that increases donations! And of course, you’ll be able to walk away with the presentation itself as a resource for future brainstorming.

By the end of this presentation, you’ll know:

  • How nonprofits are using creativity and interactivity to engage donors and supporters
  • What makes these “best of” examples successful
  • How to take inspiration from these examples and turn them into real change at your organization

And Andrew Buck, Our Content Strategist, will be presenting:

Hack the Mind: Using Psychology to Boost Fundraising

The mind is a trickster. It leads us wherever it pleases—while we remain mostly unaware of its true motivations. But thanks to advances in psychology, fundraisers can better make the brain’s habits work for them.

In this entertaining, interactive, example-filled workshop, we’ll explore our minds’ most surprising tendencies, biases, and shortcuts. Then we’ll dive into how to employ the brain’s habits to boost our donor base and fundraising numbers.

You’ll leave with a new understanding of the subtle, predictable, and (often) irrational ways donors think. And you’ll have concrete ways to apply these great “brain hacks” to your organization.

Storytelling for Impact: Helping Donors Understand the Value of their Dollar

If you want your donors to give more than once, you have to turn them into investors in—and not merely supporters of—your mission.

Donors want to feel the impact of their gift. They want to see the concrete outcomes of their dollars. And they crave evidence that your organization is using their gift to make the world a better, fairer, safer, happier place.

Storytelling compels your donors to stay engaged—and to donate again. But how do you tell a story that cuts through the noise? How do you transform data into real, specific, human stories?

In this lively, example-filled session, we’ll examine how best to find, tell, and share your organization’s stories. Showcase your impact in both humble and grand ways, with a special focus on online communication.


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