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Marketing Your Educational Products: How to Write Effective Web Copy to Reach Audiences

In partnership with Web Courseworks

The Internet is bloated. Your users have limited attention spans. And websites everywhere are written with cliché, ambiguity, and scattershot messages.

But words matter! The wrong words—or worse, the forgettable words—can cost your organization countless opportunities. The right words can spark emotion, spur action, and start a lifelong relationship. Which are you going to pick?

By the end of this session, you should be able to:

  • Write for how people read online
  • Make your copy more readable
  • Please Google
  • Make your messages “sticky”

This lively, funny, interactive session will send you scurrying back to your keyboard—ready to obsess over every. single. word.

      Presented by our CMO, Rachel Clemens.


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