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Forum Forward Camp Innovation 2021

We’re excited for our content expert, Andrew Buck, to be leading a 3-hour virtual workshop at Association Forum Forward’s Camp Innovation this August. Learn more about this workshop and register.

Content is Everything: Develop a Content Strategy in One Day

Associations are content-producing machines. But what content should you create and why? Where should you publish it? How do you govern all of the million decisions about what messages you put into the world? In this interactive and example-filled workshop, attendees will develop their own Content Strategy document and have a clearer, more concrete plan for engaging their members and changing the world.

By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Learn what their association has to say (and to whom, when, why, and how).
  • Develop a “Content Strategy” using a provided template—including goals, messages, audiences, governance rules, and editorial schedule.
  • Have the experience (and confidence) necessary to deliver this learning to their internal teams.

About Association Forum

Association Forum is the hub for the Chicagoland association industry. They provide resources, education, and networking opportunities to nearly 4,000 members that enhance and elevate the association management profession. Learn more.


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