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Become a Survey Savant: Modern Strategies for Building Actionable Insights

We’re partnering with our friends at UST Education to discuss all things surveys—and how you can use them to create modern strategies for actionable insights.

Surveys are the least demanding, most scalable way to collect insights about your members. And if you’re not surveying them regularly, everything your association does—from communications to program design—is merely guesswork. This age-old method can be understated today—but the survey is alive and well in the array of modern marketing technology.

The good news? Surveys are cheap and easy. The bad news? Surveys are cheap and easy. Because surveys are so simple to write and distribute, most associations ask bad questions (inevitably leading to bad data). It’s easy to conduct surveys so quietly flawed that they deliver inaccurate, biased, useless insights. If your surveys aren’t carefully crafted, you’ll end up with untrustworthy results. In this session, you’ll become a survey savant by learning modern strategies to create, distribute, and analyze member surveys. More importantly, you’ll learn the common pitfalls to avoid in the science of survey building so you can take full advantage of this dynamic way to collect member insights.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the six principles of good survey design.
  2. Learn how to create a survey strategy that collects the data you actually need.
  3. Learn how to analyze the data objectively so you can make meaningful changes in your organization.

This presentation will be given by our Director of Brand Marketing, Brianna Martin.

About UST Education

In 2020, US Transactions Corporation launched UST Education. Growing out of the success of the Presidential Forum, UST’s community-driven roundtable discussions, UST Education provides high-quality continuing education to the business communities in which UST is engaged. Their team ensures proactive support, ease of registration, and fast credentialing for their interactive webinars, and their expert instructors address topics relevant to the professionals they serve.


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