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Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference

We’re returning to Washington D.C. to attend the 2018 Bridge Conference, which brings together 2,200+ nonprofit fundraising and marketing professionals. This will be our third time speaking at the conference, and we hope to see you there!

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Clemens, and Digital Marketing Manager, Patrick Wicker, will be sharing insights on these topics:

How to Create Donor Surveys That Improve Your Fundraising

If you don’t regularly survey your target audiences, your fundraising efforts are merely educated guesses. And if your surveys aren’t carefully crafted, you’ll end up receiving misleading data. But done well, surveys can empower you with real, actionable, and surprising insights into what your current and prospective donors do, think, and need. Smart surveys can turn your fundraising strategy into a fine-tuned, sophisticated engine of revenue.

Anatomy of a Nonprofit Website: Why Your Donors Aren’t Giving (More) Online

Your website is holding you back. And as a growing number of donors are giving online, there’s a good chance your website is giving them reasons to reconsider. Why is your website confusing your current donors? Why is it turning off potential donors? We’ll explore what makes for a successful nonprofit website, from content to user flow to donation thank you pages.

Ad Grants: How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Google Advertising

Google Ad Grants are the biggest missed opportunity in nonprofit marketing. Many nonprofits are utilizing the Google Ad Grants program but not seeing the results they expect. We’ll demonstrate how to ensure your Google AdWords account is set up properly and how to maintain your Ad Grants qualification year-over-year.


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