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ASAE Marketing, Membership, & Communication Conference

ASAE’s Marketing, Membership, & Communication Conference is in June and we’re speaking about some big things there. Read below for more details, and we hope to see you there!

Our Marketing Manager, Jarrett Way, will be speaking at 11:15 a.m. ET on Thursday, June 3:

Hack the Mind: Using Psychology to Boost Your Online Marketing

Your brain is a trickster.

It leads you wherever it pleases—while you remain completely unaware of its true motivations.

But as professional communicators, we can recognize our brains’ habits—and make them work for us.

In this entertaining, story-filled workshop, we’ll explore our minds’ most surprising tendencies. And then we’ll explore how they intersect with your website, marketing materials, and overall brand strategy.

You’ll leave with a new understanding of the subtle, predictable, and (often) irrational ways we humans think. And you’ll get equipped with concrete ways to apply these great “brain hacks” to your organization.

And our Creative Director, Gardiner Rhoderick, has an On-Demand Express Talk (20 minutes) available at MMCC to view anytime:

Communicating the Value of Brand to Your Board

At some point in an association’s life, they will struggle with low engagement, sales, membership—low something. A common response is to assess and refine the association’s brand. The problem is that there are a thousand ways to do so—and too many misconceptions about what a brand actually is. Those misconceptions oftentimes dilute an organization’s well-meaning brand strategy. Can a logo fix a soiled reputation? What about your colors? Is a Twitter handle crucial to an organization’s well-being? What is a brand?

Based on decades of helping organizations define and refine their brand, we’ll discuss what truly creates brand identity and the value that comes with it. We’ll explore what drives expectation and perception in audiences and how an organization can sustain trust through branding.

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Dispel some of the misconceptions and common go-to approaches to brand strategy work.

  • Learn what drives expectation and perception in audiences.

  • Discuss what defines a brand, what doesn’t, and how to make a case to your board.

Last but not least! Join Nicole Araujo, Client Engagement Director, Jarrett Way, Marketing Manager, and Gardiner Rhoderick, Creative Director at 9:00 am ET on Thursday, June 3 for the MMCC Solutions Chat in the Marketing & Branding Hub:

Dissecting a Brand: Considerations Before a Website Redesign

Too many associations put the cart before the horse when considering major website updates. More often than not, a premature website redesign exposes a chain of branding problems your association didn’t even know it had.

Join Mighty Citizen’s marketing and branding experts for a conversation about how to think about your association’s brand and the implications of a website redesign.


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