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ASAE Marketing, Membership, & Communication Conference

We’re exhibiting at the 2020 ASAE Marketing, Membership, & Communication Conference in mid-April. Please come visit us at Booth #313 to receive your free Association Website Performance Guide and meet the faces behind the magic.

Some of our team is also speaking at the event. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Clemens, will be speaking on:

Hack the Mind: Using Psychology to Boost Your Online Marketing

Your brain is a trickster.

It leads you wherever it pleases—while you remain completely unaware of its true motivations.

But as professional communicators, we can recognize our brains’ habits—and make them work for us.

In this entertaining, story-filled workshop, we’ll explore our minds’ most surprising tendencies. And then we’ll explore how they intersect with your website, marketing materials, and overall brand strategy.

You’ll leave with a new understanding of the subtle, predictable, and (often) irrational ways we humans think. And you’ll get equipped with concrete ways to apply these great “brain hacks” to your organization.

And our Content Strategist, Andrew Buck, will be speaking on:

Content Governance 101: Managing Your Digital Content for Success

Associations often have a content problem: There’s too much of it, owned by too many stakeholders, and nobody knows how to manage all of it at once.

But there’s a solution. A concrete, detailed content governance strategy will ensure that every piece of content your organization puts online—website, email, social media, etc.—is part of a larger, clearly managed system. No more orphan webpages. No more outdated facts. No more internal confusion about who owns what.

In this lively session—based on two decades of managing large organizations’ digital identities—we’ll explore how to formulate a content governance plan. Content governance is a nonstop mission. But instituting a few guidelines can turn your content from a chore into a delight.


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