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Uh oh! It looks like this event is over. But don’t worry! We have lots of other awesome events coming up if you want to check them out in our general events section. You can also check out our free tools, trainings, and articles in our Insights section.


ASAE Virtual Annual Meeting & Exposition

We’re presenting AND exhibiting at the 2020 ASAE Virtual Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Please plan to visit our booth (located in the Technology Hall) and attend our sessions.

Our CMO, Rachel Clemens, and our Client Engagement Director, Nicole Araujo, will be speaking on:

Build Your 2021 Communications Plan

Monday, August 10, 11:00 EST

You’re full of knowledge about your association, and you’re brimming with ideas about how to communicate better with your current and prospective members, but have you put that wealth of insights on paper? In this interactive, example-filled session, discover everything that needs to go into your 2021 communications plan including any reaction to the crises of 2020. Learn how to set goals, define activities and tactics, identify key marketing channels, and manage your plan throughout the year. We’ll share a digital communications plan template to set you up for next year’s success. Aimed at association professionals who are responsible for the public-facing brand, this session offers real, concrete solutions to the big question: What are we going to do next year?

Rachel Clemens will also be speaking on:

Two Truths and a Lie: A Website that Works

Tuesday, August 11, 4:30 EST

Your website is holding you back.

Current and potential members are interested in what you have to offer, but there’s a good chance your site is giving them reasons to reconsider.

In this practical session, we’ll evaluate two truths about your website—that strategy is crucial and that you must make people care—as well as one major misconception. You’ll leave with valuable tools and tactics for improving your association’s website. By the end, you’ll be able to:

  • Establish website goals and strategize solutions to improve engagement on your website
  • Develop compelling content
  • Understand what makes for a better user experience
  • Make quick website fixes that result in immediate improvements


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