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PREDICT 2022 hosted by Association Analytics (A2)

Mighty Citizen is excited to be a Gold Sponsor for PREDICT 2022, a first-time user conference hosted by our friends at A2. Both, Nicole Araujo, our Client Engagement Director, and Jen Schumacher-Kocik, our Senior Account Manager will be showcasing Mighty Citizen’s expertise in crafting branding, marketing, and digital solutions that help associations increase their impact and revenue by creating deeper connections with their audiences.

About the Conference

The full-day user conference will be packed with sessions from A2’s data-loving staff focused on helping every level of your association leverage Acumen (their analytics platform) and data analytics more successfully. You’ll leave feeling inspired, refreshed, and ready to take your data and analytics journey to the next level. View full session titles and descriptions on the event’s website.

About Association Analytics

Founded in 1999, Association Analytics has been working with associations and their data for more than 20 years. They started as a services company, then evolved into a product company when they recognized the majority of their customers were seeking the same thing— easy access to all their data to generate insights and make data-informed decisions. They launched their data analytics platform, Acumen, in 2018 and haven’t looked back!


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