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California Municipal Utilities Association’s Annual Conference

Mighty Citizen is heading to the Golden State to speak at the 2023 CMUA (California Municipal Utilities Association) Annual Conference in San Diego, CA!

Our very own, Nicole Araujo, CAE, Client Engagement Director, will present:

Taking the First Step: How to Build a Successful Communication Plan

April 18, 2023, from 10:30-11:45 AM PT

In addition to providing a critical public service, utility companies also help advance their communities through various programs, education, and other resources. If you’re a utility company, do your audiences know this? How do you get them to see that you’re more than just that company who collects bills? How do you get them to see the real value in what you do and provide for your community?

Here’s a tip: The answer lies in how you communicate the value of what you do and why. It sounds simple, but doing it right takes complex planning. One of the first steps is writing an annual strategic communications plan. And yes, everyone should have one.

In this lively, practical session, we’ll discuss the importance of a written communications plan, effectively communicating your value, and the steps you—or your team—should take to set and prioritize your goals, activities, and tactics. And we’ll examine how one water authority started positively changing its image through thoughtful, strategic, and planned communications.

    About the Conference

    The California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2023. At the Annual Conference, attendees will reflect on the association’s history and many accomplishments while working together to envision the years ahead for California water and energy. See more details + conference info.

    About CMUA

    CMUA represents 74 publicly owned electric utilities, water agencies, and gas & oil services statewide. Together, CMUA members provide water service to 70 percent of Californians and electric service to 25 percent of the state. Learn more about CMUA.


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