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Ad Grants: How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Google Advertising

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We’ve presented this topic at national conferences across the U.S. If you attended one of those conferences, you can now access the slides and these helpful resources:

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The Complete Guide to Google Ad Grants

Free Keyword Research Planner

Google Ad Grants are the biggest missed opportunity in nonprofit marketing. Many nonprofits are utilizing the Google Ad Grants program but are not seeing the results they expect. Learn how to ensure your Google AdWords account is set up properly, how to maintain your Ad Grants qualification year-over-year, and why you should never use the AdWords Express platform (that’s right, never).

Learning Objectives

  • The many different ways you can use Ad Grants to meet your nonprofit’s goals
  • Best practices and tips for maximizing your Ad Grants account structure, budget and results
  • How to create your AdWords account, conduct keyword research, and deploy conversion tracking to measure the results of your advertising
  • The value and importance of tracking and analyzing your data to optimize your account’s performance

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